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Radical Something @ House of Blues, Orlando

Radical Something brought Reggae-Rock down to the House of Blues in Downtown Disney. I was given the opportunity to shoot this show and wasn't quite sure what to expect, but once Radical Something came out and played their first number, I was hooked on the chill vibes they produced with a great mix of reggae, rock, and rap. 

Josh Hallbauer AKA Josh Cocktail - Lead Vocals

Alex Lagemann AKA (Loggy) - Lead Vocals and Guitar

This being my first time hearing Radical Something, I was completely impressed. The band has an amazing sound, with Josh Hallbauer singing beautiful melodies while all of a sudden Alex Lagemann hits you hard with a fast and punchy rap break. The mix was awesome, and the best part was you could tell these guys were loving it up there. Performances are always so much more enjoyable to be at when you know the performers are having a blast on stage. 

Randy is Radical Something's new drummer, I ran into him after the show and told him he killed up there. He was a super humble guy, thanked me, and told me he'd hit me up for some of these pictures later.

Michael Costanzo AKA Big Red - Bass, Guitar, Vocals, Keyboard...Everything.

Photo Stuff:

  • Canon 5DMKiii
  • 14mm 2.8
  • 24-70mm 2.8
  • 70-200mm 2.8

The Naked and Famous

Synths, lights, and the Beacham. All the way from Auckland, the Naked and Famous!

Kind of awesome to see a band all the way from New Zealand come to Orlando, even more awesome to see the entire venue filled wall to wall for them.


Photo Stuff:

Shot with a 5D Mark III and a 14mm 2.8 that nearly never came off the body, most of these shots are right around 1600-3200 ISO and the Mark III handles the noise easy. Great, because the Beacham is notoriously dark and usually a photography nightmare, luckily this wasn't the case tonight!

A challenge at this show were the two synths and four mic stands that were front stage left and right, I opted to shoot between them and to get both Alisa Xayalith and Thom Powers in a single frame, shot to the side for individuals.


STS9 rocked an absolutely beautiful show at the Beacham. The lighting these guys produce was stunning, and it was a perfect match to their electronic music that had a sold-out crowd dancing non-stop for a solid two hours.

The most difficult challenge of this shoot was certainly finding good angles of the band, a lot of the time the time they were covered by their tall synths, but I found a few niches to shoot from and I was generally pretty pleased with how most of the shots came out. The fantastic lighting was a great help too!

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Orlando Food & Wine Fest 2013

Great local food vendors, and an amazing line-up of musicians took the stage.

CeCe Teneal, Vicci Martinez, Matt Hires, Andy Grammer, and the All-American Rejects.

Oh, and shout-out to these two little rockers who were the coolest kids out here at the festival:

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